About Me

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Incase i've not mentioned, I'm Luke. I'm 19 and currently studying at Aberystwyth University, in Wales. This site is intended to act as a page for me to display my interests and works. These range across a few different areas, mainly transport (particularly in British and Irish roads) and technology.

Right now i'm hosting on Neocities as I feel it's a great tool to work with and it upholds respectable traditions online. As time goes on I intend to move to another hosting service.

Happy to say I'm currently the proud owner of the following items, in descending order of age:

  • Kodak Junior Six-16 Series II Folding Camera (1936)
  • Kodak Retinette IB Type-405 (1963)
  • Polaroid Instant 20 Camera (1978)
  • Harvard 10-4 Convoy Radio Transciever (Set of Two) (1980)
  • Casio TV-1800 Portable Analogue Colour TV (1996)
  • Panasonic NV-RX5 VHS Camcorder (1996)
  • Agfa ePhoto 307 Digital Camera (1997)
  • Thompson espX 45 Portable CD Player (1990s)
  • HTC P4351 "Atlas" (2006)
  • Dell Latitude D430 Laptop (2007)

Just a few of the items. I will try to take a more flattering image later on...

Most of them are of course somewhat damaged when I recieve them, but half of the fun is fixing them.

This is my first website, so I apologise for any bugs, messiness, et cetera. I'm hoping to dedicate more time to things like this site outside of my studies!